Danila Rumold: Transformations

Danila Rumold: Transformations

March 16 - April 13, 2024

Danila Rumold, Grounded / Groundless,
mica and ultramarine blue pigment on Kozo, mounted on pine, 64 x 48 in.


Concurrently with Madelin Coit + Margaret Fitzgerald, Pie Projects is honored to present Danila Rumold: Transformations. The exhibition will be on view from March 16 to April 13, and will feature several mixed media Breast installations from Rumold's Goddesses series, along with a selection of the artist's pigments on Kozo paper paintings.

"The female breast is steeped in a rich history of meanings and symbolism. Physiologically, it is how women feed and nourish their babies. Intimately, it is a site of sensual pleasure that evokes emotional and spiritual connection. Pathologically, women across all ages and ethnicities may experience discomfort and disease here, from clogged ducts to breast cancer. The shared stories of women throughout history are embodied in the complex and beautiful anatomy of the breast.  As a woman and an artist, I am connected with this deep history. When I learned that I would lose my own breast, I made a plaster mold to capture its essence. After the surgery, I began casting paper positives and covering them with materials I found in nature or that were gifted to me as a means of bringing emphasis to the interconnectedness between human bodies and the living world. This process was an act of presence both with my own emotional state and with nature as it bloomed all around me ... This work is both an acknowledgment of loss and the grief of impermanence as well as a celebration and offering of gratitude for my body as a woman, wife and mother. These breasts are the physical manifestation of a deep personal transformation. They are but one layer of beauty in a cascade of life experience to which viewers might bear witness and process their own stories."

- Danila Rumold

Grounded / Groundless, mica and ultramarine blue pigment on Kozo, mounted on pine, 64 x 48 in.

Danila Rumold, Breasts, Goddesses series, 2023, mixed media, 36 x 32 in.