Danila Rumold

Devotion / Desire, 2022
cochineal and elderberry on Kozo paper, mounted on pine,
44 x 40 in.


Danila Rumold’s current work explores themes of paradox, impermanence, beauty and healing. Utilizing the shape of the catenary curve, she explores the organic within the geometric. Staining paper with botanical dyes, she cuts, tears and pieces together fragments of paper, mending surfaces into forms and of sacred geometry.

Rumold’s career began at DePaul University (1997) where she was trained in mural painting. Employed by the Chicago Artist Coalition, she painted public murals. Rumold got her MFA at the University of Washington in Seattle (2001). Other accomplishments include selected exhibitions: Henry Art Gallery, and IMA Gallery, in Seattle, WA, SFMOMA Artist Gallery, San Francisco, CA and the Painting Center, New York, NY.  She has been reviewed in the Brooklyn Rail, published in MaMagazine, Sooo Magazine and Still Point Quarterly. Rumold received official selection awards from the Berlin Film Festival, Albuquerque Film Festival, as well as a merit award from the LA Awareness Festival.

Rumold’s work embodies the making and application of natural artist materials, as a means of commentary on sustainability and labor. Realizing this effort, she co-founded the Raking Weeds Collective who exhibited at AC2 Gallery, in Albuquerque, NM (2021). Rumold also collaborates with the Artist/Mother community, with whom she exhibited at Casa Otro, in Las Cruces (2020). She passed away in March, 2024 after a long battle with cancer.



"I make drawings, collages and paintings that integrate colors and textures of the natural world with marks and symbols of domestic labor. By combining elements that signal both universal and personal connections, my work seeks a spiritual integration of art and life. 

My work is process based; I forage plants and collect other raw materials to use in dying and staining mulberry paper with botanical colors; Exposure to natural elements imbues the processed papers with the marks of weather, time, and a sense of place; Using household tools such as stovetop burners, washing machines, and irons, I add marks of domesticity to the texture of the work; Cutting, tearing and piecing together fragments of paper and canvas, I mend the surfaces back together, creating a kind of patchwork within a framework of modular geometric and organic shapes that elicit sacred geometry. 

Together, these processes result in works with a strong material presence. Their surfaces are reminiscent of cracks in the dry desert earth, the spots and wrinkles that appear on our skin through the aging process, and the variegated textures and colors of desert plants and rocks that compose a subtle and rich landscape in the high Desert Mesa where I live. Obvious evidence of the work’s making reveals authenticity, accident, the unknown, unpredictability, imperfection, decay and beauty."


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Breasts, Goddesses series, 2023, mixed media, 32 x 36 in.



Untitled, 2022, marigold, weld, and iron on Arches paper,
18.25 x 18.25 in.




Grounded / Groundless, mica and ultramarine blue pigment on Kozo, mounted on pine, 64 x 48 in.
Grounded / Groundless, mica and ultramarine pigment on Kozo, mounted on pine, 64 x 48 in.


Inquire about available artwork
 here or call 505-372-7681