Past Shows at Pie Projects

Judy Chicago, Camille Claudel, Swoon, and Hung Liu


Firebrands: Judy Chicago, Camille Claudel, Swoon, and Hung Liu

July 17 - August 14, 2021

Opening reception - Saturday, July 17, 2021, 2-3 pm

Film screening of “Judy Chicago: A Revolution in Print" - Thursday, August 5, 4–6 pm

The exhibition, curated by Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe, showcases rarely seen important works by each artist. It includes historic works by Judy Chicago, Hung Liu’s masterwork Daughter of the Revolution, as well as a selection of works by Swoon. Swoon’s box truck-based diorama The House Our Families Built will be on view during the opening reception for the final New Mexico stop of its national tour.

Judy Chicago, Swoon, and Hung Liu all embody the true meaning of “firebrand”, a person passionate about a cause who incites change and takes radical action. Each of these women artists overcame tremendous challenges to arrive at the top of the contemporary art world.

The combination of these three powerhouse artists into one exhibition was Judy Chicago's idea. The three have never shown together in an exhibition dedicated to their individual contributions to society until now.

Turner Carroll Gallery will also present Camille Claudel's chef d’oeuvre L'Implorante (grand modèle) in this exceptional exhibition. 

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Hung Liu, Daughter of the Revolution, contemporary art at Pie Projects
Swoon, box-truck installation, The House Our Families Built, contemporary art at Pie Projects, Santa Fe
Judy Chicago, The Return of the Butterfly, lithograph
Judy Chicago, Return of the Butterfly, 2012, lithograph
  Judy Chicago, Dome Drawing Blue/Green, 1968-69, 54.75 x 54.75″framed, prismacolor on paper
Judy Chicago, Dome Drawing Blue/Green, 1968-69, 54.75 x 54.75″ framed, prismacolor on paper
Hung Liu, Modern Time, 2005, 66 x 168", oil on canvas with lacquered wood, cultural revolution clocks
Hung Liu, Modern Time, 2005, 66 x 168", oil on canvas with lacquered wood,
cultural revolution clocks - (sold)
Swoon, George, 2017, 60 x 60″, block print and acrylic gouache on paper and wood
Swoon, George, 2017, 60 x 60″, block print and acrylic gouache on paper and wood





Martha Tuttle and Joanne Lefrak at Pie Projects


Summertime at Pie Projects - Joanne Lefrak and Martha Tuttle

June 18 – July 10, 2021

This two-person show featured scratched portraits in plexiglass by Joanne Lefrak and mixed media paintings by Martha Tuttle. Both artists play with light, shadow, and corporeal relationships. This exhibition is presented in Santa Fe in partnership with Albuquerque’s Richard Levy Gallery.

Joanne Lefrak scratches portraits of women into plexiglass surfaces. Lefrak’s subjects are middle-aged women who are fully empowered and in the prime of their lives. The shadows cast from the scratched renderings define each image making visible the beauty of persona, age, and the power of the women. In addition to being an artist, Lefrak is the Director of Education and Curator of Public Practice at SITE Santa Fe and a strong advocate for promoting women in the arts. Her work has been exhibited at MASS MoCA, ev+a in Ireland, Albuquerque Museum, and the New Mexico Museum of Art, among others.

Martha Tuttle uses traditional techniques to create mixed media paintings. She spins, weaves, and dyes wool and embellishes her handmade fabrics with an assortment of mediums such as graphite, stone dust, and natural pigments. Tuttle’s abstract compositions comprise a variety of hand-crafted materials of varying opacities. Her paintings reference physical connections to the natural world through texture and translucence. Martha Tuttle holds an MFA from Yale and currently has an installation at Storm King Art Center in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her work has been shown internationally and has been featured in Artforum, The New York Times, Hyperallergic, among other publications. Tuttle grew up in New Mexico and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.




Tamarind Institute at Pie Projects


Tamarind Institute at Pie Projects

June 4 - June 13, 2021

The exhibition features new releases and a selection of earlier works created by emerging and established artists at Tamarind Institute, the internationally acclaimed lithography workshop based in Albuquerque.

In 2020, Tamarind Institute celebrated its sixtieth anniversary and hundreds of collaborations with emerging and established local artists. Tamarind Institute at Pie Projects includes new releases by Inka Bell and Ellen Lesperance, and favorites by Stuart Arends, Jim Dine, Louise Nevelson, Rashaad Newsome, Danielle Orchard, Deborah Remington, Fritz Scholder, Judy Tuwaletstiwa, June Wayne and Susan York.




Morgan Barnard at Pie Projects


Filled with Light - Immersive New Media Art by Morgan Barnard

May 15 - May 23, 2021

Light State features new works by digital artist Morgan Barnard.  The main portion of the show is the interactive piece Light State that allows participants to experience being in a state filled with light. Additional works include the "Imagined Encounters" series, the "Vortex Series" of generative plotter drawings, as well as several screen-based pieces and a hybrid light sculpture and projection piece.

Barnard's work in public art, interactive media, immersive installation and live cinema combines experimental digital techniques with traditional artistic methods. It explores how the intersection of computation and audio/visual composition can evoke an experience of improvisational immediacy. Many of his public art works are driven by real time data provided by organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the United States Geologic Service (USGS).

A California native who has called Santa Fe home since 2017, Barnard has featured works at the Currents New Media Festival, the Paseo Arts Festival in Taos, as well as in public spaces and new media festivals around the world, including Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.  Light State is Barnard’s first solo exhibition in Santa Fe. 




Matthew McConville


Springtime at Pie Projects - Matthew McConville and Daniel Ballesteros

March 31 – April 24, 2021

This exhibition, presented by Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, showcases gilded photographs of urban trees by Daniel Ballesteros and fantastical botanical paintings by Matthew McConville.

Matthew McConville paints exquisitely detailed arrangements of imagined plant life. Influenced by traditional practices such as 18th-century Dutch painting, botanical illustration, and Japanese flower arranging, as well as current topics relating to gene modification, sustainability, and extinction. These luminescent paintings are the artist’s interpretation of future worlds.

A third-generation Filipino-American, Daniel Ballesteros grew up in the Midwest and never felt like he fit in. Finding solace in nature, Ballesteros began photographing urban trees. In the Gold Leaf Trees series, Ballesteros masks all elements of nature and applies gold leaf to the rest of the image. Each image is produced in an edition of three, and because the gold leaf is applied by hand, each artwork is unique.

Daniel Ballesteros at Pie Projects

Daniel Ballesteros, Gold Leaf Trees series