Signe Stuart: Evolution

Signe Stuart : Evolution

May 6 - 27, 2023

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 6, 4-6 pm


Signe Stuart, Moments of Is (tapestry), 2021, acrylic on sewn canvas, 48 x 168 in.
Moments of Is, 2021, acrylic on sewn canvas, 48 x 168 in.



Pie Projects was delighted to present Evolution, a solo exhibition by artist Signe Stuart . Beginning in the early 1960s, her professional career has now spanned more than 65 years. Her approach to art making has always relied on experimentation and rule breaking. Using the materials and form of painting, she breaks away from the standard rectangle and concepts of framing. For Stuart, a sheet of paper or a sewn canvas is a metaphorical slice of time and space, a context in which to construct ideas about the connections and intersections of consciousness with matter and energy.

"My art making process has evolved through more than 6 decades and mimics the way nature evolves through endless transformation and becoming. Instead of quantum particles, my vocabulary is lines, colors, and shapes. I combine and recombine these into sewn canvas paintings and works on paper, forming different iterations of the same ideas."

Signe Stuart, Out of Thin Air, 2023, acrylic on sewn canvas, 70 x 30 in.
Signe Stuart, Out of Thin Air, 2023, acrylic on sewn canvas, 70 x 30 in. 

She has been in at nearly thirty solo museum exhibits including such venues as the South Dakota Art Museum (where currently a career retrospective is ongoing), the Roswell Museum and Art Center (Roswell NM), the Sheldon Art Museum (Lincoln, NE), the North Dakota Museum of Art (Grand Forks, ND) the American Swedish Museum (Minneapolis, MN), the Nordic Heritage Museum (Seattle, WA), Northern Arizona University Art Museum (Flagstaff, AZ), the Plains Art Museum (Fargo, ND), the Sioux City Art Center (Sioux City Iowa), and the Montgomery Museum of Art (Montgomery, AL), among others. Her works on paper are currently exhibited at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts, NC.

During her career, Signe has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Painting Fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts mural commissions, a South Dakota Arts Council Artist Fellowship and a New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop Fellowship.  She received several purchase awards including a Ford Foundation Purchase - Seattle Art Museum. Teaching, lectures and artist residencies include: Professor of Art, South Dakota State University; visiting artist, Williams College, MA; U-Cross Foundation Residency, WY and Cowles Visiting Artist at Grinnell College, IA.


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