Catherine Eaton Skinner: Earth At Our Backs

Catherine Eaton Skinner: Earth At Our Backs

December 3, 2022 - December 31, 2022


Catherine Eaton Skinner, Painting Crosscurrents, 40x40

Crosscurrents, 2022, encaustic, oil stick on linen panel, 40" x 40"


Earth at Our Backs

The tracks of our repetition
transient as dreams
pathways forgotten
(excerpt from poem by Catherine Eaton Skinner)


The exhibition Earth at Our Backs presented new paintings by Catherine Eaton Skinner, as well as works from her show at the Las Cruces Museum of Art.

Catherine Eaton Skinner is a multidisciplinary artist embracing encaustic painting, oil painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and found objects. Her artwork gives expression to her journeys through many cultures and mankind’s quest to find ways to connect to one another in a chaotic world. Skinner’s work is centered on the balance of opposites, as well as methods of numerical systems and patterning used to construct an order to our world. Thus, much of her art encompasses intriguing repetition and multiplicity. She reflects, "We live in a world where it may be difficult to feel a part of the whole, but we continue trying to find ways to connect to place and to each other."

Skinner’s creative sensibilities stem from growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Her Bachelor of Arts and Science from Stanford University, included painting instruction with Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell. Twenty years in biological illustration began Skinner’s professional career. Between studios in Seattle and Santa Fe, she is an innovative artist with multidisciplinary methods: encaustic, oil painting, photography, glass, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and found objects.

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 Artist Catherine Eaton Skinner in her studio


Skinner’s monograph 108 published by Radius Books, documents her investigation of this symbolic number over 14 years using multimedia. Unleashed – an anthology of animals, focuses on man’s relationship portrayed through the animal eyes, published with Woodland Park Zoo and University of Washington Press. Various anthologies contain her artwork and writing: Speak for the Trees, The Art of Discovery, Exploring a Northwest Art Collection and Others Will Enter the Gates. She is included in over 100 articles: Another Chicago Magazine, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Leaping Clear, Monk Gallery, Interalia Magazine, LandEscape Art Review (London), ARTfolio2020, Artists on Art, Magazine 43 (Berlin, Hong Kong, Manila), The Woven Tale Press.

With over 39 solo domestic and international exhibitions, she has also been included in numerous group museum and gallery exhibitions. July 1st, 2022, Las Cruces Museum of Art opened her solo exhibition Illuminations: Corvids. Public collections include; U.S. Art in Embassy program, Tokyo and Papua New Guinea; Seattle University, Seeds of Compassion; Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington; Tacoma Art Museum; Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe; Museum of Northwest Art; Swedish Orthopedic Institute; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle Children’s Hospital. 

View works by Catherine Eaton Skinner here.