Tamarind Institute

Selected Lithographs

June 29 - July 13, 2024

 Opening Reception | Saturday, June 29, 4-6 pm


Jeffrey Gibson, Say a Prayer
, 2021, twenty-one color lithograph with chine collé elements, 39 x 30 in.


Pie Projects is proud to partner with Tamarind Institute for a third pop-up exhibit showcasing a selection of fine art prints from the workshop's creative production. 

The exhibition presents an exciting selection of lithographs from the following artists: 

Tony DeLap
Jim Dine
Tara Donovan
Roy De Forest
Jeffrey Gibson
Danielle Orchard
Maja Ruznic
Matthew Shlian
Rose B. Simpson

When Tamarind opened its doors in the summer of 1960 on Tamarind Ave in Los Angeles, fine art lithography in the United States was thought to be on its last legs. In the Hollywood workshop during its first decade, Tamarind collaborated with artists like Josef Albers, Ruth Asawa, Louise Nevelson, and Ed Ruscha, while also developing extensive documentation and an educational program that would guarantee the future of lithography in the United States and abroad. Today, Tamarind Institute is widely credited with revitalizing fine art lithography. Their state-of-the-art facility - home to a professional workshop, gallery, and educational institute - is now located in Albuquerque in affiliation with the College of Fine Arts at The University of New Mexico. 

Inquire about available artwork here or call 505-372-7681


Tony DeLap, Too Much Green IV, 2012, five-color lithograph, 26 x 22 in.

Jim Dine, Tools for Creeley II, 2007, three-color lithograph, 21 x 27 in.

Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2016, single-color lithograph, 42 x 29 in.

Roy De Forest, Untitled (VIII), 1980, five-color lithograph, 23 x 30 in.


Danielle Orchard, Still Life with Lemons, 2019, five-color lithograph, 18 x 18 in. 



Maja Ruznic, The First Pretty Daughter, 2022, monotype, 28.5 x 16.5 in.

Matthew Shlian, Some Caterpillars Stay Caterpillars 38, 2023, a three-dimensional, one run 3-color blend monotype printed on an offset press, 18 x 18 in. 

Rose B. Simpson. Maria, 2021, two-color lithograph, each panel 18 x 46 in. (diptych)

Inquire about available artwork here or call 505-372-7681