Dana Newmann


Dana Newmann, Cabinet of Curiosity, The Dada Cabinet, 2023



Dana Newmann attended California College of Arts and Crafts (California School of Fine Arts) and studied Drawing with Richard Diebenkorn. A graduate of Mills College, she earned her BFA while studying painting with Italian abstractionist Afro Basaldella. Her work is in the permanent collections of several museums, including the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, the New Mexico Capitol Art Foundation, and in El Archivero, Mexico City.


I am a collagist. I’ve been making collages since I was sixteen. These days I work in my studio in Santa Fe, NM.

In order to compose my pieces I use archival glue to adhere together fragments of papers, discarded ephemera, and natural materials pressed flat. Sometimes I make three-dimensional works, in which the impulse to assemble unlike objects also plays a part.

I think of the process of collage-making as a kind of meditation, or a reverie. Underlying that deep quiet there is a promise held in abeyance, and the questions: Can I keep this fresh? Using just these elements? Can I make it unique? This time? Occasionally the materials I’m working with just seem to flow together: total serendipity! Yet I understand that Intuition is informed -- even trained -- by years of experience. By looking deeply. Every day. By judging. Many times the process is total struggle; I’m forced to give up, retreat momentarily, the piece unrealized. I can’t ever predict the outcome up front and that’s part of the deep pleasure of the effort. Like the gypsies say: “Sometimes you get the bear. Sometimes the bear gets you.”

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Dana Newmann, Terra Incognita, 2023 collage

Terra Incognita III2023, vintage photos (paper, acetate, negatives) on hand-made Nepalese paper, 16.5 x 21 in.


Dana Newmann, Cabinet of Curiosity, Memento Mori

Memento Mori2010, Cabinet of Curiosity, 24 x 21 x 6 in.


Dana Newmann, Dominoes, assemblage

Dominos I, 2022, antique dominos, 13.75 x 13.75 x 2 in. framed (photo James Hart)


Dana Newmann, Siblings Rivalry, Victorian cards and text

Sisters Rivalry, Dialogue Series IV2014, Victorian cabinet cards and handwritten text


Dana Newmann, Licorice Stack, bronze sculpture

Licorice Stack2014, bronze, 3 x 3.75 x 3.5 in.


Dana Newmann, Foot, bronze sculpture

Foot2012, bronze, 2 x 4.5 x 1.5 in.


Dana Newmann, Sponge, bronze sculpture

Yves’ Sponge2014,  bronze, 2.25 x 3 x 2.5 in.


 Dana Newmann, Cabinet of Curiosity, The Dada Cabinet, 2023

The Dada Cabinet2023, Cabinet of Curiosity, 23 x 42 x 11.5 in. (photo James Hart)



Dana Newmann, Thorns, assemblage and shadows, 2022

Thorns I - Seton Village, 2022, thorns and shadows in deep-bezel frame, 18 x 14.5 in. (photo James Hart)



Dana Newmann, Ivory I - Seton Village, 2022 Recycled antique piano keys

Ivory I - Seton Village, 2022, recycled antique piano keys, 17.75 x 15.75 in. (photo James Hart)


Inquire about available artwork here or call 505-372-7681